Leveraging Kubernetes for NFV

José María Roldán Gil

Through this talk, I want to share some knowledge about how to use Kubernetes to orchestrate Docker containers serving as NFV. Although the initial purpose of Kubernetes is microservices, one can virtualize network functions with Docker containers, and, therefore, Kubernetes arises as a natural tool to orchestrate and manage them. However, it is needed a separation between data plane and control plane in NFV. To achieve that with Kubernetes, it needs to be configured with some plugins. Container Network Interfaces is a project supported by Cloud Native Computing Foundation destined to handle the networking of Kubernetes. I will disclose and provide information about some plugins used by CNI like flannel, macvlan, ipvlan... and multus, which allow us to configure many network interfaces in a Kubernetes pod. This is something not very popular and with scarse support.

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Medio Español Cloud Computing DevOps / SysOps Open Source / Free Software 5G / Redes

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Jueves 14/03/2019

18:30 - 19:20

Track 4 (4.1.E03)

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José María Roldán Gil

Software Engineer @ Telcaria

I studied Degree in Telecommunications Engineering in University of Seville from 2010 to 2014. I was awarded with the Third Best Student award for those years and finished the Degree Project with honors. In 2014 I started the Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering in Seville again and the second year I was an exchange student in Lund University (Sweden). There, I did my Master Thesis in collaboration with Ericsson Research Lund. After that year, I came back to Spain to finish the last two courses of the Master Degree and at the same time I started to work as Junior Software Developer in Internet Of Things S.L. in Córdoba. I was building a software platform for managing assets tagged with RFID technology, including sensors and antennas. Finally, in october of 2017 I joined Telcaria to develop my career in SDN and NFV. I do research and development in a project called 5G-CORAL and develop solutions for Telcaria's product called Alviu, an SD-WAN manager. I am insterested in IoT, Software, Clean Code and also in sports (football, tennis, running).