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Rated for everyone

T3chFest is a very special event because we have a great number of students (from university and vocational training) as well as professional attendees. Some of our talks are targeted for beginners, some others require a technical background to be understood. Since two years ago we have also included more talks related with Innovation Science and Research.

This is your event if your intention is to recruit students or professionals or to promote your technology or services.

What is T3chFest?

Two days with four simultaneous talk tracks. Stands area with space for more than 25 companies and networking area. We also offer parallel activities like recruiting meetings and workshops with limited capacity.

High Schools’ day

We run a high school day previous to the event to show new technologies and the university to young students.


We organize a programming contest and a Hackathon during a whole Saturday.

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Our values

  • Completely free event.
  • To promote knowledge on new technologies.
  • To actively support the important presence of women in technology (Women in STEM).
  • To approach professional and university worlds.
  • To create synergies between university and businesses.
  • To support organizations and events with the same values as us.
  • To promote free technologies actions.

Sponsorship packs 2019

Logo in website
Logo in newsletter LARGE MEDIUM SMALL
Logo in roll-ups LARGE MEDIUM SMALL
Logo in posters LARGE SMALL
Promotion in social networks
Leaflet/merchandising in welcome pack
Logo in opening and closing ceremonies
Special mention in opening and closing
Food vouchers 3 per day 2 per day
Stand * 2,40m x 3,20m 1,20m x 2,00m
Packs limit 6 19 Ilimitados

Sponsorship supplements

These supplements are optional and, in order to contract them, is mandatory to have a sponsorship pack:


Talk of 50min in the agenda. The organization will supervised the content.

Limit 5

Recruiting 1 to 1

Provision of a room with a small catering during 1h 30min where the sponsor can arrange meetings with attendees to do interviews or activities. The activity will be promoted to all attendees, they could sign up and the sponsor will make a selection over them.

Limit 4 (2 per day)


Provision of a space with screen, microphone and speaker during the coffee-break (30 minutes). Flyers can be distributed.

Limit 2 (1 per day)


Sponsor’s logo will be printed next to T3chFest logo, in one color, in all the lanyards of the accreditations of attendees, speakers, sponsors and organizers.

Limit 1


Sponsor’s logo in all the drawings made live with the illustrations about the content of the main track talks. The drawings will be upload to social networks and given to the speaker.

Limit 2 (1 per day)

They trusted us

GMV Accenture Autentia Idealista Carto Intelygenz Airbus RedHat Google Github Deloitte Paradigma Uber IBM

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