Building Efficient Software

Alex Fernández

Software is usually built without specific constraints in mind. Then it is deployed to production, and in certain situations it may fail to meet expectations, consume too many resources -- or break completely.

In this talk we will see a few techniques that are useful to build efficient software: finding bottlenecks, profiling, time budgeting and micro benchmarks. We will review a couple of practical examples using Node.js and Go. Most of the techniques can be used in other languages too!

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La charla será en español. La presentación está online.

Difícil Español Desarrollo Web Agile / Ingeniería del Software Ingeniería

Viernes 02/03/2018

15:45 - 16:30

Track 2 (Salón de Grados)

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Alex Fernández


Alex Fernández is a developer with more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. Shameless tinkerer since forever, he likes building more than adapting and adapting more than configuring. During the course of his career he has gone from caring about seconds to worrying about milliseconds, and then to squeezing those last microseconds; which honestly feels like an improvement.