Analysis of the feeling of the attendees to a talk in real time

Juantomás García Molina

In this talk we will see how to develop a serveless project to analyze the feelings of those attending a talk in almost real time. Increasingly, serverless architectures are more powerful and diverse. There are many projects that can be solved using this type of architectures and in our case it makes perfect sense. A good use case is to be able to analyze the feelings of those attending a talk in near real time. We are going to use the technologies offered by Google Cloud. Such as Google Storage, Google Functions, BigQuery or ML Vision API. We will see how it is not only simple to implement this project but also can be done in a record time and with less than 50 lines of code.

Medio Español Cloud Computing Inteligencia Artificial Big Data / Data Science

Jueves 01/03/2018

11:30 - 12:20

Track 3 (4.1.D03)

Sobre el ponente

Juantomás García Molina


Chief of Data Officer at OpenSistemas. GDE google developer expert for the cloud. Organizer of 3 Big Data & Machine Learning meetup. Co-author of the book about free software “La Pastilla Roja”. Speaker my favorites talks are about big data, data driven, serverless, machine learning and pigeons. More than 30 this year and more than 60 thousand kms .