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Where have we been?


Hackathon ASROB / UC3Music 2018

In 2018 we had the opportunity of sponsoring the Hackathon organized by ASROB and UC3Music at Universidad Carlos III, where we could support them with food and drinks for the participants.

Virtual Reality Day 18 - Madrid

On November 17 2018 we were present at VR Day in Madrid as event sponsors and attendees of the talks.

Women Techmakers 2018 Zaragoza

We have participated as sponsors in the 2018 edition of Women Techmakers Zaragoza, organized by Mulleres Tech on October 20. For us this is a way of communicating that T3chFest is a safe, diverse and inclusive place.

Change Dyslexia Interships

Change Dyslexia is a proyect, by Luz Rello, that tries to detect and improve the skills related to dyslexia. We had the opportunity of participating with interships for children with dyslexia.

Call of Data 2018

During 2 days we were at Call of Data 2018 (2nd edition), organized by the R-Ladies community at La Nave in Madrid. The Datatón day as well as the previous one we had a stand in the event and we could even sponsor them!

Technovation 2018 Regional Final Madrid

We attended the regional final in Madrid of Technovation 2018, where we could introduce T3chFest to all the participants. Besides, we could sponsor the prize for one of the winning teams.

Engineering Medicine 2018 (Ceeibis)

Engineering Medicine is an event that brings engineers and doctors together to come up with new ideas to make the most of technology in the medicine area. From T3chFest we sponsored the coffee break to cheer the participants up and in addition two organizers attended as mentors, to help the teams bring their ideas to life.

Women Techmakers 2018 Barcelona

For three years we have been supporting Women Techmakers to encourage the participation of female speakers in conferences. This is a way of communicating that T3chFest is a safe, diverse and inclusive place. This year we have sponsored the event Women Techmakers Barcelona.

Open Expo Europe 2018

Again in La Nave, we spent 2 days at the T3chFest stand in the Open Expo Europe, introducing T3chFest to the attendees who went to enjoy many workshops and talks.

Inclusive Hackathon GUL

The Linux Users Group organized in UC3M an inclusive hackathon, where it was required that each team was composed by at least a female participant. We could attend as judges and sponsor the pizzas!

High School Tech Parade 2018

This event shows some of the technological communities that gather together at Campus Madrid nowadays and the students support their community by showing their proyects and learning what other highschools are doing.


Women Techmakers 2017 Madrid

During the last years we have supported Women Techmakers, supporting the commitment of making conferences a safer, more diverse and inclusive place. We had the opportunity of sponsoring Women Techmakers Madrid in 2017.

Engineering Medicine 2017 (Ceeibis)

In the 2017 edition of this event organized by CEEIBIS we had the opportunity of sponsoring the coffee break for the participants of Engineering Medicine of that year.


Women Techmakers 2016 Madrid

In 2016 we had the first chance of sponsoring Women Techmakers Madrid, supporting their work to achieve more diversity in technological conferences.

JEIB I (Ceeibis)

In 2016 and 2017, we had the opportunity of supporting CEEIBIS in the first and second edition of this event.

Events and communities we have colaborated with

Women Techmakers CEEIBIS - Engineering Medicine Open Expo Europe R-Ladies (Call of Data) Technovation Challenge GUL UC3M Change Dyslexia UC3Music ASROB Virtual Reality Day

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