Viernes 15
18:30h - 19:20h
Track 3

Hack your mobile application

We all use mobile applications for payment, authentication, or checking our bank accounts. Given the sensitivity of these actions, we trust the publishers such as banks or public services. But can such applications or the data they contain be hacked? Yes, we can! What are these means of attack? What are the risks, and what can we do to reduce them? Mobile security is at the heart of our team's work as we daily strive to protect our clients' mobile applications. In this presentation, we will focus on pentesting (the offensive part of our activity) by combining explanations and demonstrations. Therefore, this conference is aimed at a fairly broad technical audience: individuals interested in mobile application security, whether simply to understand possible attacks or to put them into practice. At the end of our presentation, you will have a better understanding of mobile pentesting and the necessary basics to use the elementary tools in this field.

Julien Jimenez

Security expert


Amélie Avignon

Product owner data


As data scientist and product owner, I love to design and build new innovative solutions with my team !

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Mobile / iOS / Android
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