Viernes 15
13:30h - 14:20h
Track 4

Deep dive in a SQL query

SQL is magical. As developers, we ask the database what we need, and the DBMS gives us results, but... what happens in between? This talk is a walkthrough of the internal process that happens to our SQL query until we receive the results. We will explore things like the query parser, the optimizer, the executor, and the cursors, with a certain degree of detail. Also, we will talk about how the query plan is executed. This knowledge leads to a better understanding of how the database works and why our queries are sometimes slow.

Jesús Espino García

Senior Staff Engineer


Soy un entusiasta del Open Source y del desarrollo de software. Me encanta profundizar en el código de otros y he participado o creado proyectos como Taiga, Penpot, Mattermost o Focalboard.

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