Emoji Encoding, Unicode, � and Internationalization (I18N)

Jueves 12

11:30h - 12:20h

Track 3

Emoji Encoding, Unicode, � and Internationalization (I18N)

Have you ever wondered how emoji and complex scripting languages are encoded to work correctly across browsers and devices - for billions of people around the world? Or how new emoji are introduced and approved? Have you ever seen one of these: □ � □ “special” glyph characters before and want more information on how to avoid them in the future? Let’s talk about internationalization of unicode characters and emojis across the world wide web! We’ll go over best practices, do’s and don’ts, and provide resources to learn more and even where to go if you want to submit a new emoji proposal! :)

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Naomi Meyer

Software Development Engineer at Adobe


Naomi works as a Software Engineer at Adobe, where she leads internationalization on her team.