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Workshops enrolment

In order to attend the workshops we will ask for a 3 € deposit per workshop. The reason for this is to have a more precise attendance regulation. Workshops are still completely free, this deposit will be fully returned to you at the end of the workshop, using the same payment method.

Enrolment will be open from the moment in which all workshops are confirmed, until 1 week before the event. You can cancel your registration and have a fully refund of your deposit until 48h before the event (Wednesday, March 11th included).

1. Select a workshop

You can enrol as many workshops as you like filling this form every time. Make sure you meet the requirements of the workshop so you can thoroughly enjoy it. Workshops will take place on Saturday March 14th.


2. Carry out the registration

We request 3 € per workshop that will be refunded if you attend it. If you want to, you can donate this money to T3chFest, thanks!

In each workshop there are some seats reserved for under-represented collectives in technology (which include, but are not limited to: people of color, functional diversity, LGTBI+ and women). Mark this option if you want to see and book diversity seats.