Saturday March 14th

Workshops, Hackathon and Families

A day to learn

Hackathon will no longer take place on its own. In order to provide this day with a bigger sense of identity, this year we have decided to generate a whole learning ecosystem around Saturday March 14th. For this reason, there will be four main activities taking place simultaneously:

  • Workshops: will take place in three simultanous tracks. As every other year, these will be eminently practical and focussed on learning about leading technologies.
  • Hackathon: T3chFest would not be complete without our hackathon day. In a similar way to previous years, a series of teams will compete all day long for implementing their ideas.
  • Communities: there will be stands close to the workshops area for the whole day with information about different technological communities and projects. In addition, we will set up an open-space to share knowledges.
  • Families: as a part of our goal of facilitating conciliation and approaching of new (and not so new) generations to technology, there will be free entry introductory talks to technology throughout the day. These will have an introductory approach to technology for beginners, as well as other more appealing talks for the youngest attendants.


In order to acces the workshops and hackathon you must enrol independently in each one of them. You can get more information at each activity's section.

Activities will take place on Saturday March 14th at Leganés Campus from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, same location as the event taking place on March 12th and 13th.


Hackathon: Design, build, show

Be ready to give the best of yourselves again at T3chFest Hackathon.

Team will be formed by 3 people. You will only need a working attitude and a catchy name for your team. The rest is history!

La temática este año sera sobre los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible.

You will have food and drinks available during the whole day. Enrolment will be open until Monday February 24st at 23:59.



Primer premio

Pixel 3a + funda

Pixel 3a + Funda
Composed by:
  • Teléfono Pixel 3a de Google, con funda incluída en el pack.

445 €

Segundo premio

Bose 700

Pixel 3a + Funda
Composed by:
  • Aurículares Bose 700 con cancelación de ruido y Alexa integrada.

320 €

Tercer premio

Google Nest Hub

Pixel 3a + Funda
Composed by:
  • Google Nest Hub. Un nuevo concepto de marco de fotos digital.

130 €

Premio Diversity

Kit Philips Hue

Pixel 3a + Funda
Composed by:
  • Kit completo de bombillas y bridge Philips Hue.

130 €

Enrol here

Registration period ends at Monday February 24st at 23:59. ID from every participant will be required for the purpose of accessing the facility. All fields are obligatory for every participant except for the eating information one. The organization will make a selection of the participant teams based on their profiles (using provided information) and you will be notified with an email.


Family workshops: a place to start learning

Some tech communities of the Community of Madrid will be present for those people signed up for any activity. In this "community space" the communities will have stands to show their work and give out information about what they do.

The access to the facility on Saturday is free (the community space, familily workshops. For the hackaton and workshops it will be necessary to look up the corresponding section where they will be held) but it does require a ticket in our Eventbrite webpage.


To be able to get into these talks it is enough will the general entrance ticket for the Learn with T3chFest (same ticket as for the communities space). You can find this ticket in our Eventbrite webpage. For access to the family / children workshop it is necessary to fill a form when getting the general ticket.