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T3chFest is a very special event due to the fact that we have a great number of attendees who are students (both university and educational cycle students) as well as a great number of professional attendees. In the event, we have beginner talks as well as some other talks that require a more technical background.

Wether your intention is to seek the talent of students and professionals, or you are seeking to promote technology and services, this is your event.

What is T3chFest?

Two days with 5 parallel tracks with talks. Space with stand with a capacity to fit 25 companies and a networking area. We also have parallel activities such as recruiting breackfast, and low-capacity workshops.

Learn with T3chFest

A Saturday with both, technical workshops and family workshops which serve as an introduction to technology. Area with stands with projects and technology associations.


We organize a programming online contest as well as a Hackaton during the whole Saturday.

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Our values

  • Completely free event.
  • Promote knowledge on new technologies.
  • To actively promote the presence of women in technology (Women in STEM).
  • Bring companies closer to students.
  • Create synergies between the university and businesses.
  • To support organizations and events with the same values as us.
  • To promote iniciatives about open source technologies.

Sponsorship packs 2020

Logo in website
Logo in newsletter LARGE MEDIUM SMALL
Logo in roll-ups LARGE MEDIUM SMALL
Logo in posters LARGE SMALL
Promotion in social networks
Leaflet/merchandising in welcome pack
Logo in opening and closure
Special mention in opening and closure
Food vouchers 3 people/day 2 people/day
Stand * 2,40m x 3,20m 1,20m x 2,00m
Pack limit 6 19 Ilimitados
Cost * 3720 € 2340 € 960 €
DiscountEarly bird cost * 3100 € 1950 € 800 €

* A discount is applied over the original price if the payment is made before January 1st, 2020. Prizing is negotiable depending on the size of the company and the provided services. The measurements of the stand are indicative.

Sponsorship supplements

These supplements are optional and in order to contract them it is necessary to have a sponsorship pack:


50 minute talk in the event . The content will be supervised by the organization. The track of the talk will be decided depending on the attendees' votes.

Limit 6
Cost 1200 €

Recruiting 1 to 1

A room with a small catering service will be provided during 1h 30min, where the sponsor can arrange meetings with attendees for interviews or other activities. This activity will be promoted to all attendees in a way that they will be able to sign up and the sponsor will make a selection over them.

Limit 6
Cost 700 €


Mention of the company in the Coffee-break advertisements (Coffee-break by "company") in the program, web, ... The company will be able to have roll-ups, posters, and give out the company's flyers.

Limit 2 (1 por día)
Cost 850 €


Printing of the sponsor's logo next to the T3chFest logo, in one only color, in all lanyards for the accreditations of attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers.

Limit 1
Cost 1600 €


Logo of the sponsor in all the drawings drawn live containing pictures of the talk''s contennt of the main track. These drawings will be uploaded to social networks.'

Limit 2 (1 por día)
Cost 950 €

Advertising in streaming

Broadcast of a 30 second video advertisement between talks in each track's streaming during a whole day (7 repetitions in total).

Limit 10 (5 por día)
Cost 400 € (track 1)
200€ (resto tracks)

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