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Since 2013, T3chFest organizers have done everything we can to bring an event with the highest technical quality, providing the best experience posible to the attendees. In T3chFest we have tried to improve in many ways, but we have stayed inflexibles in one thing: the event remains 100%% free and organized by students.

Our only income are sponsors and based on our anual budget we build the event. For that reason, we want to ask you that, if you have enjoyed T3chFest and want to support us, help up by donating. It doesn

What is T3chFest?

Two days with 5 parallel tracks with talks. Space with stand with a capacity to fit 25 companies and a networking area. We also have parallel activities such as recruiting breackfast, and low-capacity workshops.

Learn with T3chFest

A Saturday with both, technical workshops and family workshops which serve as an introduction to technology. Area with stands with projects and technology associations.


We organize a Hackaton during the whole Saturday.

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What do we do with your donations

  • Audiovisual material improvement.
  • Improvement in coffe breaks quantity and variety.
  • Purchase of logistics material.
  • Sponsorship of and help to smaller events.
  • More material for workshops and hackathon.
  • Pay expenses for speakers transport.