The new Internet

Paula de la Hoz

Step by step, internet as we know it is currently being limited, censored and monitored. To prevent and fight against this, there are associations, activists and such... and one of the proposals is... IPFS protocol. Let's talk about privacy, security, Internet and the need for a new way of thinking it, and how IPFS works in Linux terminal and it's web interface.

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Medio Español Blockchain / Criptomonedas Open Source / Free Software Ciberseguridad / Privacidad

Jueves 14/03/2019

17:30 - 18:20

Track 5 (Biblioteca)

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Paula de la Hoz

Wise Security Global, cybersecurity

23 years old cybersecurity analyst and ethical hacker in Wise Security Global. Investigative journalism; writing in English and Japanese, participating in the radio in Spanish. Co-founder of Interferencias, a group about digital rights, privacy and security.