A Programmer, Penguins, and a Posse of female scientists

Karin Verspoor

What do a programmer, Antarctic penguins, and a posse of female scientists have in common with the point-to-point protocol? Join me to hear about the power and value of authentic connection and successful exchange of information to impact our world. I will share the learnings from my journey with #TeamHB3 in the Homeward Bound program, in which I travelled to the world's Southernmost continent to connect with the icy wilderness, appreciate the role of women in achieving change, and understand the great impact that humans are having on this earth.

The 1994 PPP facilitated massive growth in the Internet, and contributed to radical changes in our ability to communicate globally. PPP v.2019 will facilitate massive awareness of the great challenges facing our planet, and will contribute to radical changes in our ability to confront them.

Plentiful Penguin Photos are sure to be included in this Provocative Planet Presentation.

Fácil Inglés Ingeniería Ciencia / Investigación Temática social

Jueves 14/03/2019

16:30 - 17:20

Track 2 (Salón de Grados)

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Karin Verspoor

University of Melbourne & Visiting Researcher at UC3M

Karin Verspoor is a Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne (Australia), and currently a visiting researcher in Computer Science Department at UC3M. Her research is on applications of natural language processing in the biomedical domain, to enable knowledge extraction from unstructured data as well as to provide clinical decision support. She recently travelled with Homeward Bound #TeamHB3 to Antarctica, which was a journey of discovery, both externally and internally. She is passionate about supporting Women in STEMM, and strongly believes that #DiversityMatters, especially when it comes to tackling the world’s biggest challenges.