Do’s and Don’ts of Data Visualization

Javier Gamarra

What makes a good data visualization? We all love a good graph, table or interactive representation... but how to make a compelling, easy-to-understand one?

In this talk we'll discuss the importance of the underlying data, see examples and explain good practices and tips to make data visualizations that "pop".

Medio Español Desarrollo Web Ingeniería

Viernes 15/03/2019

17:00 - 17:50

Track 2 (Salón de Grados)

Sobre el ponente

Javier Gamarra


I am the lead of headless experience team (mobile+APIs) at Liferay and I’ve worked in many development stacks: JS (angular, node…), Java EE, Scala… I love challenges and learning about everything. I'm available with the handle @nhpatt in all social networks.