Serverless and problemless

Vicenç García Altés

Serverless is the new buzzword in the development world, and there's a good reason behind it: the serverless architectures allow us to focus on our business logic and less on the infrastructure. In this workshop we're going to see a brief introduction to serverless architectures and then we're going to develop a simple solutinon using:

  • AWS Step Functions
  • AWS Lamba
  • .Net Core (C#)
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Serverless framework

If you come to this workshop you will learn to:

  • Create a Lambda function using C#, JavaScript and Python.
  • Deploy and test Lambdas functions using the Serverless framework.
  • Create, deploy and test a Step Function with different types of steps.

Más información y requisitos

The structure of the workshop can be found here: https://github.com/vgaltes/learnstepfunctions Please, come to the workshop with a AWS account already created and active. The workshop is prepared to show how to develop a Lambda function in C#, Javascript and Python, but you can develop them in any language Lambda supports.

Fácil Español Cloud Computing DevOps Agile / Ingeniería del Software

Viernes 02/03/2018

14:45 - 16:25

Track Talleres A (4.1.D01)

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Vicenç García Altés

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