Docker without Docker: containers behind the scenes

Abel García Plaza

In recent years, the use and abuse of container systems has become widespread. Among those, Docker is the knight in shining armor that comes to the rescue of many. Its name is now part of the Buzzword Hall of Fame, filling up piles of both CVs and job descriptions. And, still, most people don’t quite get what containers are, Docker or otherwise, Linux or Windows. In this talk we will explain what Linux containers are made of: chroot jails, cgroups, namespaces, capabilities… through a live command line example you will be able to run yourself!

Medio Español DevOps Ingeniería

Jueves 01/03/2018

15:30 - 16:20

Track 4 (Biblioteca)

Sobre el ponente

Abel García Plaza

UC3M alumni currently working at, Abel is a seasoned software engineer with international experience in small to monster-sized leading multinational companies where he has always been an enthusiast of conceptual knowledge sharing while trying to teach different.